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Episode 65: Sustainable Seafood - How to Choose, Cook and Enjoy Responsibly

We wanted to know more about sustainable seafood: how can we be sure the seafood we buy is sustainable, Is it best to buy local, and is frozen okay or should you insist on fresh?

So we turned to the "sage of seafood", John Susman of Fishtales in Sydney, Australia who has more than 30 years' experience as a seafood providore, marketer and educator, and is across all the seafood trends - only to discover how much we didn't know about sustainable seafood and the world's fisheries.

John started his career in seafood working with fishmongers in the seafood markets of Paris before realising he could bring what he learnt in France to the Australian seafood industry.

John explains that while much of the world's fisheries are indeed in danger of being over-fished, Australia and New Zealand, with their stringent regulations, set the global standards for sustainable fishing. This means we can be confident when choosing Australian or kiwi seafood that it is sustainably fished. He also explains what sustainability brand marks to look for when choosing seafoods from other countries.

According to John, while fresh-caught seafood is amazing to eat, we shouldn't be afraid of frozen seafood that's been perfectly handled and stored at the correct temperature. Listen to the episode here to learn more, and get his top tip for getting the most out of your seafood budget, as well as avoiding waste, by adopting a nose to fin approach.

John shared his favourite quick and affordable seafood recipe and talked about The Australian Fish and Seafood Cookbook, which he co-wrote with friends who happen to be the country's most respected authorities on seafood.

Considered the definitive guide to cooking great fish and featuring 130 recipes, acclaimed seafood chef Neil Perry says it's "the only book you'll ever need on the topic".

We hope you enjoy our chat with John - and learn as much - as we did.


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