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Quick Stew of Mussels, Vegetables and White Beans

Once you’ve prepared the vegetables, you’ll be amazed how quickly you can whip up this really interesting, really filling one pot wonder.

It’s a great dish if the boys are over to watch the cricket or footy.


4 tablespoons olive oil

2 cloves garlic, crushed or finely chopped

1 medium carrot diced

1 leg of celery diced

50 grams pancetta, diced

1 small onion, finely diced

½-1 medium red chilli, more to taste

2 kilos fresh live Kinkawooka pot ready mussels, drained

½ cup white wine

1 x 440 gram can Italian diced tomatoes

1 x 440 gram can cannellini beans, drained

About 12 basil leaves, finely sliced

½ cup chopped flat leaf parsley

Heat a large pot on your wok burner to very hot then add half the oil and the carrot and celery.

Remove with a slotted spoon to a small bowl as soon as the vegetables soften which will only be a matter of minutes.

Add the remaining oil, pancetta, garlic, onion and chilli and cook until the onion softens and the pancetta begins to colour then add the white wine and tomatoes.

Add the drained mussels and stir to coat then place a lid on the pot and bring to the boil. Shake the pot occasionally and when the mussels begin to open add the cannellini beans, cooked carrot and celery, basil, parsley and plenty of freshly ground black pepper, gently folding so the beans don’t break up.

Ladle into big bowls and serve with crusty bread.

Serves 4.

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