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Episode 109: Guy Grossi & La Cucina Italian

Guy Grossi has carved out a distinguished career and made a significant contribution to the hospitality scene over the last forty years, both as a restaurateur and chef. In fact, in 1996, Guy was awarded the L'insegna Del Ristorante Italiano by no less than the president of Italy, for his dedication to presenting and promoting "La Cucina Italiana" and the Italian lifestyle.

He’s written four cookbooks and has been on a slew of television programs, from "Food Safari" and Iron Chef, to "My Kitchen Rules." He also runs a small empire of highly regarded restaurants countrywide, including his flagship, Grossi Florentino.

In this episode of ExtraVirgin, Natascha Mirosch and Guy chat all things food and hospitality, as well as Italian travel. They discuss why Italians don’t like penne lisce and the difference between fast and slow dried pasta, what’s wrong with the hospitality scene and how the financial crisis is affecting it, his favourite dishes from his Pugliese father and Venetian mother; who he'd invite and what he'd serve at a fantasy dinner party and more.

Guy also gives us some great Italy travel and food tips - from the Amalfi Coast to Florence and Puglia.

I hope you enjoy this episode as much I did chatting with Guy.


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