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What's an Antarctic Cruise Really Like?

Have you been thinking of (or dreaming about) taking an Antarctic cruise?

Cruising is huge and estimates have the cruise industry growing by another 9% in 2024.

For some regular cruisers, particularly those with large disposable incomes, the great white continent, represents just another an as-yet unexplored cruise destination to conquer.

 For others, Antarctica is a long-cherished dream.

But what’s it really like? What can you expect on a cruise to Antarctica?

Natascha Mirosch puts that question to travel journalist Catherine Marshall, who has been to Antarctica not once, but twice.

They discuss the dreaded Drake Crossing, life on board an expedition ship, Antarctica’s wildlife and shore excursions. Catherine tells us about the fascinating post office at the end of the world, and the British post mistresses who come to this remote spot to man it as well as the time she had a polar swim.

They also talk about the environmental impacts and whether a visit can have a positive impact.

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to cruise to Antarctica, have a listen.

You can follow Catherine on instagram @zizzyballord

and read some of her stories on her blog, Time to Wander

You'll also find many of her stories in Traveller in the Sydney Morning Herald, Luxury Travel in the Australian and many other publications





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