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How to Buy Property in Italy & Those One Euro Houses

We've talked about those one Euro houses in Italy in a previous podcast (episode 81) but in this episode we’re about to revisit the subject (and the topic of buying property in Italy as a foreigner in general) with Michele Capecchi, a lawyer based in Florence, who has extensive experience in guiding foreigners through the red tape that is buying a property in Italy.

Michele is managing partner of Studio Legale Capecchi , teaches  International Business Law at at the European School of Economics and has been a a legal columnist with The Florentine, the international magazine of the expat community in Florence for over 10 years.

Michele discusses with Natascha:


  • The positives and pitfalls of the one Euro homes scheme

  • The legalities of foreigner home ownership in Italy

  • Where are good places to buy?

  • How much are you likely to need to realistically spend, plus more.


If you're keen to find out how you can be enjoying la vita bella in Italy in your own home, you'll enjoy this episode. Below is Michele Capecchi's website, should you be inspired by the epsiode and want some legal advice about buying and living in Italy.

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