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Episode 101: Creating a Hospitality Empire with Tony Kelly


Being credited with having "the Midas touch" is one thing that riles the seemingly unflappable Tony Kelly. His journey from young apprentice to owning ten successful Sunshine Coast hospitality businesses has been far from easy, nor linear - there have not only been set-backs and hard times, but also periods of intense self-doubt, the chef-turned-restaurateur admits.

Today though, Kelly is recognised as a tour de force, a game-changer on Queensland's Sunshine Coast, where he employs around 400 people across his group's businesses, that include the incredibly popular "Rice Boi." "Bocca Italian" and newly opened "RB."

In this episode, ExtraVirgin Food and Travel host Natascha Mirosch talks to Tony about his earliest years working in hotels, cruise ships and fine diners. They discuss how he manages to steer his hospitality juggernaut and his most memorable meals, she canvasses his opinion on hats, stars and the Michelin Guide, the best advice he's ever received and finds out who he'd invite to dinner.

Even if you've not heard of Tony Kelly or dined in one of his establishments, it's guaranteed you'll enjoy listening to Natascha's chat with this modest chef-turned-businessman.

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