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How to Hike, with Caro Ryan

We all know that getting out and communing with nature is good for both our body and our mental health, but where to start if you've never done any hiking but are keen to give it a go?

Trekking, hiking, tramping, rambling or just plain walking - whatever you call if and whatyou aspire to, whether it's a kilometre on a flat countryside track to conquering rugged terrain over multiple days, or even taking it easy with a Great Walk of Australia, it's an activity that most of us can achieve. 

If, like ExtraVirgin host, Natascha, however, you have lots of questions: (Am I too old? Am I too unfit? is hiking hazardous? What gear do I need? What happens if I get lost?) then listen up, because our guest on this podcast will answer all those questions and more. 

Among her many other talents., Caro Ryan is an expert bushwalker and search and rescue volunteer. She started her blog, to inspire, teach and encourage people to get into hiking and the outdoors safely. It’s all about connecting people to wild places in meaningful ways, so they can look after themselves, their mates and these precious places we visit. She teaches wilderness navigation, authored the book, ‘How to Navigate - the art of traditional map & compass navigation in an Australian context’ and hosts, ‘Rescued - an Outdoor Podcast for Hikers and Adventurers.

In addition to imparting some incredibly useful  (and potentially life-saving) tips, Caro shares her genuine passion for getting out in nature. We guarantee that she will inspire you to want to do the same. 


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