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A Food Tour to the Land of "White Lotus" - Sicily

If you listened to Epsiode 81, 'The Truth About Those 1-Euro Houses in Italy,' in which our guest Rubia Daniels talked about buying not 1 but 3 of the houses in the town of Mussomeli in Sicily, or perhaps you're a fan of in the series White Lotus - then your interest in the region will certainly have been piqued.

This episode will answer your questions about this very unique part of Ital.

Natascha's guest (and dear friend) Carmel Ruggeri, an Australian-Sicilian and former restaurateur- turned-tour-guide will answer all your questions about this very unique part of Italy - from the places you shouldn't miss, to the hand signs you should, never ever use, to the regional food specialities you just have to try.

Carmel tells it how it is, with humour and refreshing honesty, her love of Sicily shining through in this (very entertaining) episode.

If, after listening, you're inspired to book one of Carmel's small, immersive tours, then we're sorry to break your heart - Sicily has proven so popular that September has already sold out. BUT ALL IS NOT LOST! Carm also offers private tours throughout the years, to gather together a group of enthusiasts and hit her up at Sicilian Food Tours 

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