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Episode 99: The Impacts of Tourism and How to be a Better Traveller

What could possibly be wrong with volunteering in an orphanage for a week of your holiday? Should you reconsider taking that Antarctic cruise?

In this episode of ExtraVirgin Food and Travel, Natascha Mirosch talks with Freya Higgins- Desbiolles, an academic in the field of tourism and co-editor of the recent books Socialising Tourism: Rethinking Tourism for Social and Ecological Justice (2022) and The Local Turn in Tourism: Empowering Communities (2023).

First up they discuss the bad news- the effect that our love of travel is having on the planet and its people. Then the positive - the destinations making change to both protect their tourism industry and empower the people who work in it. They wrap the episode up with practical steps you can take to be a more respectful traveler.

"Be curious. Willing to dig and learn and be engaged," says Freya.

Good advice in an episode that is essential for listeners who want to know the back story to the feel-good production that is travel and what they can do to make it a more equitable and enriching experience for all - not just the traveller.

And if you're interested in a deep-dive into the many issues around tourism, here's a link to a couple of Freya's co-publications.

You can also follow and engage with Freya on LinkedIn

Pics: Unsplash; Arno Senoner & Alex Azbache

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