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Episode 100: How to Drink Australian


Sommelier, importer and wine writer Jane Lopes reckons that Australia is making the most exciting wines in the world right now, and ExtraVirgin podcast host Natascha Mirosch, while she could be accused of being a little biased, agrees.

In this episode of ExtraVirgin Food and Travel Podcast, Jane and Natascha discuss Jane's background - including the soul-destroying experience of passing, then having her consort's Master Sommelier exam nullified; her newly released book: How to Drink Australian, co-written with her husband, Jonathan Ross and how a Californian-born, Nashville-dwelling American developed such a passion for Australian wine.

Jane also tips us off on one of her favourite great-value Australian wines, her "death row" Australian choice and her favourite Australian wine region.

Whether you already know how great Australian wines are, or have zero experience with them, pour yourself a glass of wine and have a listen.

Cin Cin!

Jane and Jon's book "How to Drink Australian is available at all good book stores, published by

Murdoch Books.

RRP $79.99

You can also buy tickets to one of their events through the website.


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