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In this episode of ExtraVirgin Food and Travel, Natascha Mirosch talks with Silvestro Silvestori, owner and director of cooking school The Awaiting Table, in the beautiful baroque city of Lecce, in Italy's south about how to cook and eat like an Italian.

Silvestro was born in the US and moved back to Italy as a teenager, going on to study Jazz , sculpture and languages, then teaching high school in northern Italy.

In 2003, he swapped high school students for food loving culinary tourists, opening his cooking school, which now operates part time in the city, and the rest of the time from a castle north of Lecce.

Silvestro's a qualifed sommerlier and recently became an olive oil sommelier as well.

The school this year celebrates 20 years and has expanded its courses to also include cycyling, food and wine, "How to Eat and Drink to be 100" and a course on olive oil.

Rich in cooking tips and fascinating facts about this highly regional cuisine, this episode is essential listening for anyone who loves Italy and Italian food.

You can follow Silvestro (and his adorable sausage dog 'Ciccia) on instagram @awaitingtable

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