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Episode 63: "Sumac - Recipes and Stories from Syria," with Anas Atassi.

Anas Atassi, author of: "Sumac - Recipes and Stories from Syria," was born in Homs in Syria and split his time growing up between Saudi Arabia, where his father was based for work and long summer holidays with extended family in Syria.

Now based in Amsterdam, Anas stays connected to his former home and the memories of his family by cooking.

In this episode of ExtraVirgin Food & Travel, we talk with Anas about the historical and geographical influences on Syrian cuisine ans his personal stories of those long leisurely meals. We also discuss:

  • What 'sumac' is and what it means to Syrian cuisine

  • The meaning of 'nafas' in Syrian cooking

  • Syrian streetfood

  • How to make the perfect hummus

And a warning, don't listen to this episode when you're hungry!

If you're keen to try cooking Syrian cuisine for yourself, go here for one of Anas' recipes from 'Sumac'.

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