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Episode 103: Uncharted Paths: The Joy of Small Group Adventures

Group travel needn't involve being shuttled around on 50-seater coaches, taken to the major sights to snap your instagram pics, then...back on the bus to do it all again.

In this podcast, host Natascha Mirosch talks with Lisa Pagotto, founder of Crooked Compass who offer small group trips to some destinations that are definitely off the well-trod tourist path.

But, if you're usually an independent traveller, why would you consider group travel? It's one of the questions that Natascha poses to Lisa. They also discuss how the pandemic has shifted the way many people want to travel, who are the people who take small group tours, the cultural, economic and environmental advantages of travelling this way, as well as the destinations her company covers and more.

Lisa's just returned from Georgia, a country that's high on Natascha's bucket list, so they chat about it, including the top sights (turns out Georgia's mountains outdo the Swiss and French alps for hiking and wildflower spotting.) And wait until you hear what intrepid traveller Lisa's favourite travel experience ever is - we can guarantee it's somewhere you don't expect!

If you'd like to known more about Crooked Compass trips, you can check out their website.

Pics: Mike Swigunski, Dimitry Liminov, Lisa Pagotto


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