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Episode 23: From Bordeaux to Byron Bay – a Winemaker's Mission to Bring Modern Mead to the Masses

He was born deep in the heart of one of France’s premier wine making regions yet in 2012, winemaker Louis Costa found himself moving to Australia – for the lifestyle and for love.


Fast forward seven years and Louis is using his skills to make another beverage – mead. The world’s oldest alcoholic beverage, mead has a reputation as something you might drink at a medieval or viking party – and indeed it’s origins are in those cultures.  But Louis’ intent on making a different style of mead from those heavy, musty sweet drinks – a contemporary mead that is dry and elegant.

Aurum - Louis- April 2019

In this episode of ExtraVirgin, we talk to Louis about his childhood in Bordeaux, the process of making mead, what (and who!) bought him to Australia, his range Aurum Mead and why he thinks they won’t look out of place among more conventional wine styles on Australia’s best wine lists.

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