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Episode 66: Have Bike Will Travel

Award winning travel writer Tracey Croke is a fan of 'roughty-toughty' travel - adventurous, off-the-beaten track journeys, preferably taken on two wheels.

In this episode of ExtraVirgin Food and Travel Podcast we talk to Tracey about how her love of bike travel developed and her international adventures, including cycling among the wildlife in Botswana, travelling the Masar Ibrahmi Al-Khalil in Palestine, traversing the Wakan corridor in Afghanistan, and crossing the Talas Range in Kyrgyzstan.

We also chat with Tracey about how to approach bike travel if you're a beginner, including buying a mountain bike and getting bike fit as well as the best rides in Australia. We also ask Tracey about her international bike travel wish list.

You can check out some of Tracey's writing on bike travel in a new book: Ride, Cycle the World

watch her on her Youtube channel and follow her adventure at @traceycroke on insta

pic Toby Maudsely

pic Toby Maudsely

pic Toby Maudsely


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