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Postcard From Atlanta, Georgia

We continue our virtual tour of the world with the second instalment in our Postcards podcast series in which we talk to ordinary people about why they love where they live. We explore beyond the guide books and tourist traps to discover local secrets that will fuel your wanderlust.

In this episode, we chat with Travis Currie of Atlanta, Georgia in the USA's south-east. Travis, pictured above with downtown Atlanta in the background, wasn't born in Atlanta but, having moved there six years ago, has come to love his new home-town.

Atlanta Botanical Garden

Travis describes Georgia as a big city with a lot of small town charm. He explains why Atlanta is nicknamed "the city in a forest", and tells us what you can see, do, eat and drink as you stroll its very walkable streets, including one essential Atlanta food you must try once in your lifetime.

When he's not out listening to live music or eating great southern food, Travis loves to walk his dog on the city's BeltLine, a former railway corridor encircling the central part of the city that is being built in stages to connect 45 diverse neighbourhoods.

The BeltLine, which when complete will feature 53km of pathway, boasts a large amount of unofficial street art ranging from murals to sculptures, and is home to the annual Art on the Atlanta BeltLine public art exhibition. Travis is pictured below on the BeltLine.

And there's a lot more too in this Postcard from Atlanta. Click here to listen. As we always say at ExtraVirgin Food and Travel, bon voyage and bon appetit!

Sam + Natascha

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