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Episode 35: Bewildered – Six Months in the New Zealand Wilderness

Ever wanted to run away from home? Or leave your entire life? After 10 years on the corporate treadmill and suffering from anxiety and depression and the confidence-crushing effects of a painful break-up, Laura Waters made the life changing decision to go on a hike.


This was to be no stroll in the national park though – instead she set off for a 6 month, 3000 km trek from the top of New Zealand’s north island to the tip of the south, traversing challenging terrain and capricious weather with just a small knapsack of belongings.


In this episode of ExtraVirgin,  talk to Laura her about her experience in the New Zealand wilderness as detailed in her book “Bewildered” and the long-term effect that checking out and recalibarating her life has had. Enjoy!

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