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Cook Book - Egg of the Universe

Egg of the Universe (Bryony and Harry Lancaster, photography by Alan Benson. Murdoch Books RRP $49.99) comes from the cafes of the same name, a duo of hybrid yoga-wholefoods cafes in Rozelle and Everleigh in Sydney that serve up energising breakfasts and healthy lunches with a side of yin.

With this cook book, they've extrapolated the cafe/studio's concept of mindful eating combined with mindful movement.

"The intention behind this book is to provide more tools for finding better balance and to put some pillars in place for you, so life feels more enjoyable, healthy and fun," say authors and cafe owners Byrony and Harry Lancaster.

It's definitely not your regular cook book, combining yogic and mindfulness practices with wholefood recipes. Neither does it seem to be following the current trend for plant-based eating - interestingly, and probably refreshingly for many, they don't eschew meat, fish or dairy, or at least if they do personally, they take a much more philosophical approach to serving it to carnivores at their cafes - using wild caught or free-roaming animals and a nose-to-tail approach to their preparation.

There is definitely a healthy bent however, with recipes like sashimi with ginger, garlic, tamari and black radish, 'kicharis,' - an ayurvedic dish made with lentils and spices, or dandelion affogato with no-churn vanilla ice-cream, all appealingly shot and styled. There are also references and recipes to food that are very much on trend, from kombucha to 'activated' nuts, and the ubiquitous 'bowls,' but these sit happily alongside recipes for BLAT (bacon, lettuce, avo, tomato) toasties.

Overall, if you're looking for inspiration for eating seasonally and healthily and to dip your toe into yoga and mindfulness practices, I reckon you'll enjoy Egg of the Universe.


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