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My new favourite airline

Turkish Airlines don't fly to Australia, where I live. Which is a great pity.

EDITED 20/12/23 Just had news that Turkish Airlines are starting flights from Australia. Yay!

To be honest, I ended up flying Turkish from Singapore purely based on price. I used points I'd carefully saved, (mostly collected via using my credit card) and could only get as far as Singapore flying business class on Singapore Airlines. So I looked into fares from Singapore to Europe and Turkish came up as the cheapest and they had an excellent special on.

In the past, I've flown Emirates, Singapore and Qatar business class, but for me Turkish have now nudged Qatar out of first place for me. (Apologies for these dodgy pics!)

These are the reasons why:

*An open-jaw ticket. We flew into Venice and out of Paris

*Value for money. (We were really lucky to get a great deal, but I think they're cheaper than others ordinarily too.)

* The best staff. They were warm and caring and were so professional they could have come from a 5 star hotel

*Free wifi

* Delicious food and so much of it. I loved the Turkish meze starters. Also, small touches, such as the plates, which were beautiful white porcelein, but slightly organic in shape so they looked a little handmade. The teeny salt and pepper shakers were so quaint too - their tops were shaped like the dome of Hagia Sophia and they were magnetised, so they stuck to the tray rather than sliding around. They actually had a chef (with a toque!) who came out to discuss your choices. And like most business classes these days, you could choose when you wanted to have your meals. There was also an on-demand 'movie snacks' menu.

*Such a fantastic lounge in Istanbul with a movie theatre, meze buffet, a chef making fresh pide to order (at 1am!) super comfy couches, a tea bar, a piano and lots of little corners where you could get some privacy.

*Headphones came in re-useable cases, not plastic, blankets etc were in biodegradeable cornstarch packaging

*198cm seat pitch. Excellent, flat bed seating with a quilted 'matress' put on when you wanted to sleep and an in-seat massager.

*Heaps of storage, including a useful, large storage box thing where you could put your shoes (and change into their slippers)

*Nice amenities bags with practical products ( we had to ask for one on Singapore Airlines)

*A free subscription to "Press Reader" so you could read hundreds of magazines from all over the world

*As a One World partner, we could check our bags all the way through to Europe, despite changing airlines. We also got points.

* Really good, short layover times and smooth, quick airport procedures

* A super-comprehensive list of destinations. Just not Australia ("yet" hopefully!)

Of course, I don't know about their economy class, (although a friend who did a short leg said they were great) but if you are looking for a good business class from another departure point, I can't recommend them highly enough.

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