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Postcard from Toronto, Canada

This ExtraVirgin Food & Travel Postcard wings its way to us from one of the world's most multicultural cities, Toronto, Canada.

Our guest is lifestyle journalist Maryam Saddiqi who shares everything she loves about her city; from its lively art scene, to heritage districts and green spaces, its residents’ love of sports, the live music scene, and of course, with the city about to get its own Michelin Guide, the fantastic food scene.

Maryam recommends everything from a local wine you should try, to a farmers’ market to visit, tells us why you should jump on a ferry to explore Toronto’s islands and the best spot for a sunset view of the city.

We also learn a few fascinating facts - Toronto’s Young Street is the longest street in the world. And if you want to pass as a local, you’ll drop the second ‘t’ in ‘Toronto’ and pronounce it “Tor-on-o.”

Here are just a few of the places Maryam mentions - listen for the comprehensive guide full of her insider tips.

Pics: Supplied + Panos katisgiannis, A J Francis, Samuel Conner, Ashwini Chaurhary, Deborah Fontana,Daniel Kraken, Gatheca Mwgani via Upslash


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