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Postcard from Sydney, Australia


Travel writer Ute Junker travels all over the world, but it's Sydney, Australia she comes home to.

In this ExtraVirgin Food & Travel "Postcard," Ute generously shares her insider knowledge of one of the world's most beautiful cities; from its architecture to the culture, history, and of course, Sydney's fantastic food and drink scene.

You'll hear about:

  • The best coastal and bush walks, right in the city

  • Where you'll find a revamped historic precinct packed with great bars and restaurants

  • Sydney's coastal swimming pools

  • Where to find a former reservoir turned into a garden

  • The city's rich cultural life

  • Eating and drinking: from catching a seaplane to lunch, to fish and chips by the sea

  • Where to find deserted beaches and a secret garden

And so much more.

Ute's genuine love for her city is evident in every word and we reckon wherever you are in the world, you'll be looking up fares to Sydney by the end of this episode.


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