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Postcard from Singapore


The island city-state of Singapore is sometimes dismissed by travellers as being a little 'sterile,' however, this postcard from expat Gaynor Reid, who's lived there for the past 9 years, shows us a completely different Singapore - one that boasts a plethora of green spaces and wildlife, history, street art and artisan boutiques.

Gaynor shares with us her favourite walks, the best rooftop bars to catch the legendary sunsets and the places she loves to eat; from the famous hawker stalls to Michelin-starred fine diners. (Some links to some of the places Gaynor mentions are below.)

So, whether you're planning a trip, or just armchair travelling, I hope this ExtraVirgin postcard inspired you as much as it did me.

Singapore City Gallery

Sungei Buloh wetlands

Skai restaurant

Raffles Hotel

Artemis Bar and Grill

Artichoke restaurant

Gelam outdoor gallery in the Arab Quarter

Pics: Gayor Reid, Lily Banse at Unsplash, Bady Abbas at Unsplash, Zhu Hongzhi at Unspalsh, Nauris Pukis at Unsplash, Ba Ignacio at Unsplash

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