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Postcard From Paris - what it's really like to live in Paris

Welcome to our new Postcards series of podcasts in which we talk to ordinary people about why they love where they live. Come on an adventure and fuel your wanderlust as we travel the globe, going beyond the guide books and tourist traps to discover local secrets. We'll publish a new Postcard episode from somewhere in the world every two weeks.

In this first episode, we meet Fanny-Marie Gabas, above, who calls Paris home. Fanny-Marie loves all of Paris but the 11th arrondissement is her "hood" and holds her heart.

She tells us what it's really like to be a Parisian, how she spends her weekends, and where and what she loves to eat.

If you've never been to Paris or it's been a while since you last visited, prepare to be inspired to plan your next trip.

Fanny-Marie says Parisians tend to live in their neighbourhoods. Hers is the 11th arrondissement, between Bastille and République, but she likes to extend to the 19th, 20th, 9th and 18th.

To help listeners explore her Paris, Fanny-Marie kindly shared some of the places she mentions in the episode.

For something to eat on the go, to pick up a roasted chicken for Sunday or to get ingredients for a three-course meal, she recommends you shop:

  • Up and down rue du Faubourg Saint-Denis

  • Up and down rue des Martyrs

  • Six days a week at le Marché Beauvau also called Marché d'Aligre and

  • At le Marché les Enfants Rouges, Paris's oldest food market in the Haut Marais for fresh produce, a quick lunch at one of the little cafes, or brunch at the restaurant in the heart of the covered market.

Fanny-Marie mentions two favourite bakeries:

Her favourite places to eat:

Back to basics at Bouillon Pigalle

Favourite lunch spots:

Other favourites:

Joia's shoulder of lamb with Sultan spices

For special occasions:

  • Pierre Sang's Signature, for a marriage of French and Korean cuisine

  • Hélène Darozze's Joia

And finally, Fanny-Marie recommends a cute department store that she says will charm you but might also drain your wallet. It’s called MERCI.

And there's a lot more too. Click here to enjoy this Postcard From Paris. As we always say at ExtraVirgin Food and Travel, bon voyage and bon appetit!

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