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Postcard from New York


New York City. "Everybody is here and everything is here for you. A lot of people are here to live out their dreams and make wonderful things happen." So says our guest in this episode of ExtraVirgin Food & Travel Podcast's "Postcard," Dena Levitz.

Event organiser, yoga teacher and travel journalist, New Yorker Dena shows us her New York, taking us on an in-depth virtual tour.

She tells us about little-known museums, parks and markets. How you can attend a private music event at a local's home or an unsual piano bar where the guests join in as well as comedy clubs and cocktail bars.

And with a professional interest in food, Dena generously shares her extensive knowledge - from where to get New York's best bagel to "bacon egg and cheese," at a local bodega; what she reckons are the best dosa outside India, as well her favorite restaurants, delis and much, much more.


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