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Postcard from Los Angeles

Headed to California? Or just California dreaming? Los Angeles is far more than just Hollywood, as this "Postcard" episode guest, travel writer Wendy Lee explains.

Wendy, who has a blog, Empty Nesters Hit the Road, shares with us some of her favourite things to see and do in Los Angeles and you might well be surprised to find out what a rich multicultural and cultural city Los Angeles is.

Wendy tells us about its theatres and galleries, its green spaces and mountain hikes, as well as its 76 miles of shoreline. She also shares secrets about LA’s ethnic neighbourhoods and street art, food markets, roof top bars and her favourite restaurants.

So, whether you’re planning a trip, or just armchair travelling, enjoy this tip-packed Postcard from Los Angeles.


Eating and Drinking

Theatres and Galleries

A Weekend in LA

Wendy Lee is a travel writer based in Southern California. She created the blog, Empty Nesters Hit The Road, to help and inspire couples 50+ to travel more. She and her husband, Jason, love to travel the world, but during the past few years have focused on their home state and one of their favorite cities, Los Angeles. When traveling they love outdoor adventures, good food and wine, and excellent museums.

Pics: Jake Blucker, Unsplash/Wendy Lee/Jason Leung, Unsplash/Dhoomil Sheta, Unsplash/Juliette Contin, Unsplash/ Robert McGowan, Unsplash/Shea Ruda/Denys Nevozhai, Unsplash


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