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Postcard from Iceland

Have you been to Iceland? Or is is on your bucket list? You'll definitely want to listen to this 'Postcard,' then!

Brooklyn-born Jewells Chambers, the creator and host of the award-winning All Things Iceland podcast and YouTube channel met her husband Gunnar when she was in college, more than a decade ago. In 2016, she moved to be with him in his home city of Reykjavik in Iceland.

In this ExtraVirgin Postcard, she tells us what it's like to go from living in a city of more than 8 million to one of less than 125,000.

Despite its small size, however, Jewells says there is a lot to offer in Reykjavik, including a strong music and art scene.

If you're interested in visiting Iceland, or just want to know more, this Postcard will bring you up to speed, thanks to Jewell's unique, quirky and very informed insider's view on everything from the country's geological wonders to why you'll be on your own if you hit the nightclub before midnight.

And if you're only just Iceland-curious now, by the time you've listened to this Postcard, we reckon you'll it'll be on your "as soon as we can travel again" bucket list.

As well as her podcast and youtube videos detailing life in Iceland, you can also follow Jewells on instgram at @allthingsiceland

pic: Frank Denney, Unsplash

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Pic Ludovic Charlet on Unsplash


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