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Postcard from Hobart, Tasmania

In this episode of ExtraVirgin Postcards, where we travel the globe talking to ordinary people about why they love where they live, we hear from Tim Cox, in Hobart, Tasmania.

A local on and off for the past 30 years, Tim, a former ABC radio presenter, talks about Hobart's vibrant arts scene, dismisses a few preconceptions about Australia's least populated capital city and shares some of its secrets, including his favourite eating and drinking spots.

We hear about the fabulous MONA art gallery, a Japanese restaurant that Tim reckons makes ramen as good as (if not better!) than in Japan, the must-have dish at an excellent Italian restaurant, where to eat out of town in the Derwent Valley and much more.

So sit back and relax, pour yourself a fine Tasmanian whisky and enjoy this brief trip to Hobart, Tasmania.


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