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Postcard from Dubrovnik, Croatia

Our "postcard" this episode comes from the beautiful medieval city of Dubrovnik, on Croatia's Adriatic coast.

Tour guide, location scout and photographer, the delightfully droll Ivan Vukovic is perfectly placed to give us some really deep insider intel into Dubrovnik.

Here is just a little of what he's shared with us:


  • Dubrovnik has around 300 sunny days a year

  • The city is enclosed by 2kms of medieval walls

  • It is closer to London than Moscow

  • It doubled as King's Landing in Game of Thrones

  • It's a day trip to the neighbouring countries of Bosnia and Montenegro

  • Zinfandel, the wine grape is indigenous to Croatia (even if the Americans claim it!)

  • Dubrovnik residents eat late - often around 10pm


  • Best time to visit is between September and March

  • Never take an Uber to or from the airport

  • Get a "Dubrovnik Card" to take advantage of free public transport and lots of discounts on museums, galleries etc.

  • Walk the walls in the afternoon at 'golden hour' when the crowds are smaller

What to see

Where to eat and drink

What to eat and drink

  • Squid ink risotto

  • Seafood - scorpion fish, tuna

  • Zinfandel

  • Cheese pie with yoghurt

  • Burek

  • Pizza (no pineapple!)

  • Meat cooked "under the bell," - with hot coals, sat speciality restaurants, must order 3/4 hours in advance.

You can contact Ivan at:

and follow him on instagram at @dubrovnik_tourist_guide

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