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Episode 44: A Scotsman's Life in Rural Japan - A Tale of the Only Gaijin in the Village

In this episode of ExtraVirgin, we talk to Scottish-born writer Iain Maloney about his life in a rural community in Japan. Iain's book, The Only Gaijin in the Village, delves beyond the stereotypes into Japanese culture and what it’s like to be the only foreigner in your neighbourhood.

Iain and his Japanese wife Minori moved to rural Japan in 2016 and Iain found himself the only foreigner in the village. His book on his first year in the village, takes us through Iain’s attempts to fit in, be accepted and fulfil his duties as a member of the community.

We loved that Iain’s book is not another expat tale from Japan’s infamous big cities but a journey through the seasons as Iain immerses himself in village life and attempts amateur farming under the watchful eye of his neighbours.

While we can’t travel at the moment, books like this can keep us dreaming of and learning about cultures around the world until we can roam again. Iain’s book, The Only Gaijin in the Village, is published by Berlinn and you’ll find links to purchase it below.


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