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Episode 19: Better Holiday Photos with Travel Photographer Danielle Lancaster


Whether it’s with an expensive camera or a trusty smart phone, we all want to come home from our travels with great photos that capture the essence of the places we’ve visited. You’ll find some helpful photography and travel tips in this episode of ExtraVirgin Podcast. Globe-trotting travel photographer Danielle Lancaster shares tales of travelling the world for a living and gives some simple but effective tricks to improve your holiday snaps. She also advises how we can be responsible and respectful as we take photos around the world.

Danielle started out as a news photographer but soon found a niche as a travel photographer and writer. She’s travelled all over, always looking for ways to capture travel destinations in new and unique ways, and has won awards for her work. One of her stunning prize-winning photos is of a whale with the Surfers Paradise skyline and hinterland in the background, above, taken at the same moment that a wave smashed into the boat she was on, leaving Danielle badly injured.


Danielle has written and photographed for such publications as Escape, Vacations and Travel and Senior Traveller, as well as online publications including The Finer Things. She also works for Australian Geographic, creating beautiful souvenir books featuring her and other photographers’ amazing photos of Australia.

She runs photographic courses and tours through her business Blue Dog Photography.


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