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Episode 42: Life in CoronaVirus Lockdown Around the World

Are you wondering how people around the world are coping with the CoronaVirus lockdown? With travel on hold for most of us, we (cyber) travelled to Sweden, Italy, the United States, South Africa and England to chat with family and friends about local policies and life in the midst of the pandemic.

First up was Sweden, above, which has been under the spotlight for its unique Covid-19 strategy that sees restaurants still open, and working from home a suggestion rather than mandatory. We spoke to Stockholm-based lawyer Therese Lindstrom who explains how the country responds to such crises in a particularly Swedish way.

Then we were off to Italy where a strict lockdown has been in place since mid-March. Our Italian guests Gabriella Sestini and Stephano Ponza are a couple who live in Turin but are spending the lockdown with their children at their winter home in a remote mountain village. 

Over in the US, we talk to a Anna Karnowski, above, who usually works in the tourism industry in the heart of Manhattan but is now working from her home in Astoria, Queens. Anna shared her worries as well as her thoughts on how the crisis is bringing out the best in New Yorkers.

We also chatted with Ed Charles, a former Melbournite now living in Johannesburg, South Africa, where a very strict lockdown is in place. Ed, pictured below, is doing what he can to support the poor of his city, where so many live in poverty. 


Joanna Meddows-Taylor

Finally, we chat with UK-born Australian Joanna Meddows-Taylor who went to England on holiday and ended up staying to be with her daughter who lives in London. When daughter Annabelle came down with covid-19, Joanna, how is a former nurse, was well-placed to care for her. The traditional British stiff upper lip is in play here as Joanna, right, shares how the locals are coping.

Amidst all the worry, Natascha and I also learnt that even in some of the world’s Covid-19 hotspots, there’s glorious inspiration for your travel dreams. Each of our guests shared with us their insider tips – that only a local would know – about their little part of the world.

So, stay home and stay safe and please enjoy our virtual world tour. And a big thank you to our five iso-heroes. Click here to listen.

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