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Episode 40: Tips for Perfect Packing With Nikki Parkinson


Fashion blogger and designer Nikki Parkinson draws on her experience to help you be an expert packer.

With Covid-19 playing havoc with everyone’s travel plans, now’s a good time to travel vicariously with ExtraVirgin Food and Travel Podcast. While we wait out the virus, our latest episode gives you everything you need to know so you can arrive at your future travel destinations with the perfect travel wardrobe.

If, like us, you’ve ever arrived at your destination to find you have too many clothes, too few options or even simply the wrong clothes, this episode is for you. We meet fashion blogger and designer Nikki Parkinson who is proud to call herself a reformed over-packer. Gone are her days of packing multiple stuffed suitcases for a quick weekend away.

Nikki shares her top tips for making sure you arrive at your destination – whether it’s domestic or international – with a coordinated wardrobe that won’t weigh you down but still keeps you stylish.


Since 2008, Nikki has been writing her successful fashion blog Styling You, in which she aims to help busy women look and feel the best they can while at home, at work or travelling the world.

To hear Nikki’s tips for what to wear inflight, how to pack for different seasons and which bag is her favourite for transporting beauty products, click here. You’ll also hear all the tips and tricks from her recent trip to Hawaii


If you’d like even more of Nikki’s packing tips, she’s compiled them into a 66-page e-book Confessions of a Reformed Over-Packer – How to Plan Your Next Escape With Ease.

In 2019, Nikki also launched Styling You The Label, a collection of trans-seasonal basics designed to help take the stress out of the daily what-to-wear challenge for everyday women. Her collection builds on the capsule idea that’s at the heart of her packing tips.

Below you’ll find links to some of the products recommended in this episode:




Nikki’s favourite luggage, Samsonite hard case in red

We hope you enjoy listening to this episode and dreaming of future trips. Click here to listen now.


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