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Episode 39: Mindful Travel


Pic: Mark de Jong

Flight shaming, vountourism, mega cruise ships, sustainabilty – all current hot topics in the travel world.

In this episode of ExtrvaVirgin Food and Travel Podcast, we talk to Amanda Kendle, world traveller, blogger at Not a Ballerina and podcaster at The Thoughtful Travel Podcast about the positive and negative impacts of travel; environmental, cultural and economic.

Amanda Kendle profile photo 1

Pic: Amanda Kendle

Which destinations are taking the effects of over-tourism seriously and implementing strategies to control its impact?


Pic @imagineauniquename

We discuss ‘slow’ travel’, ‘mindful travel,’ volunteer tourism and whether Airbnb has a positive or negative impact on communities.

In the end, do we need to give up travelling or can we be more thoughtful travellers? Amanda certainly believes the latter and offers her own views and tips on how travellers can tread less gently on the earth.

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