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Episode 37: Crisis Travel – a special report from China in the midst of the Pandemic

Melbourne man, Morry Morgan considers himself a ‘crisis tourist.’ While most travellers shy away from visiting areas where there is unrest or crises, Morry has a knack of being front and centre to them –whether it’s holidaying in Hong Kong during the turbulant and violent demonstrations or visiting Mongolia in the midst of serious border skirmishes.

Currently Morry, who runs a stand-up comedy school, called the School of Hard Knock Knocks, in Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide (and they are soon to be in Brisbane)  is living in Beijing, China with his wife and son. And despite the deserted streets, and controlled panic, he has no intention of leaving.

In this episode of ExtraVirgin, we talk to to Morry about what it like living in the midst of the Coronavirus in a place where the thronged streets are suddenly empty, face masks have become fashion items, and the atmosphere is of barely controlled panic.



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