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Episode 29: No Limits! Travelling with a Disability

We all love to holiday, but for people with a disability, there can be extra challenges. Our guest on episode 29 of ExtraVirgin Podcast is Julie Jones, of the website “Have Wheelchair Will Travel,” editor of travel magazine ‘Travel Without Limits‘ (Australia’s first disablity-specific magazine), and mother to intrepid adventurer, Braeden, 24, who was born with cerebral palsy. Worldwide, the disability travel market is booming. In the UK, the market has expanded 3 times faster than ‘regular’ travel while in Australia, the inbound market is worth $10.8 billion – more than the Chinese market, yet many operators are still not up to speed when it comes to inclusive travel. We talk to Julie about destinations who are getting it right, what it’s like to navigate flights and hotel rooms and her tips on how to embrace travelling without limits, whatever your ability.

We reckon this story is of interest to everyone, not just travellers with disabilities and their carers.

We’d love to hear about your experiences with travelling with a disability – whether it’s you or you’re a carer. Let us know where you’ve been and how you found it.


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