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Episode 79: Love in the Time of Covid - Part 2

LISTEN HERE Imagine if the-make-or-break moment in your long-distance relationship came right in the middle of the worst epidemic the world has ever seen? A time when Covid meant that travelling was a near impossibility?

If you listened to episode 64, you would know Monique's story - how she fell in love with a Norwegian man and how, a few years later, after living a long distance relationship, they were seperated by Covid. Determined to get to him, she made it happen, despite the odds.

Just a week after that episode, however, Monique was sobbing on a plane, headed back to Australia, unsure of when she'd see Espen again.

In this episode, we catch up with Monique, to see how things are faring in this undeniably romantic story that illustrates the fact that travel is not just always about holidays.

And you can follow Monique at @moniquececcato on Instagram.

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