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Episode 71 - Southern Comfort. Tasmanian Whisky Takes on the World.

Head south from Port Arthur, on the southern most tip of Australia's island state and the next land mass is the south pole. According to master distiller, Bill McHenry, it's this remote location - the unpolluted air, soft, pure Tasmanian water and the exceptional locally-grown barley that are helping distillers like McHenry make their mark in the world drinks' market.

In this episode of ExtraVirgin we talk to Bill, owner of the most southern family-owned distillery in the world, about what it takes to take get the legendary spirit from grain to glass.

We talk barrel aging and single malts, debate the ice or no-ice argument, discover how McHenry is using some unusual local botanicals in order to bottle the terroir of Tasmania and hear about Bill's ongoing search for a local peat bog. And if you're heading to beautiful Tasmania in the near future, you can create your own self-guided whisky trail, including McHenry. But until then, pour yourself a dram, settle in and have a listen. Slåinte!

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