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Episode 68: Feasting Wild, in Search of the Last Untamed Food

In this episode of ExtraVirgin Food & Travel Podcast, we discuss the fascinating subject of 'wild' foods.Our guest, Gina Rae La Cerva is an award-winning writer, author of ”Feasting Wild In Search of the Last Untamed Food,” a geographer, and environmental anthropologist originally from Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Equipped with both insatiable curiosity and absolute fearlessness, she’s researched tsunamis in Indonesia, crossed the Pacific Ocean on a sailboat, and investigated the wild meat trade in the forests of the Congo basin.

We talk with Gina Rae about what 'wild' actually means; foraging in ancient and modern times, rare and unusual foods, hunting, contemporary restaurants and notions of 'local' as well as hearing about some of Gina Rae's extraordinary adventures as she traversed the globe in search of the world's last untamed foods.

It's a fascinating (albeit too brief)look into issues such as conservation and commodification and the possibility of man livin being able to coexist with with nature while feeding an ever expanding world.

If you're a food lover, food historian or just appreciate the tales of intrepid adventurers, this episode (and Gina Rae's truly remarkable book)is for you.

(you can also follow Gina Rae at @feastingwild on insta)


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