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Episode 67: New Zealand Experiences You Shouldn't Miss

Whether you’re headed to New Zealand or just dreaming about a future visit, you’ll want to listen to this ExtraVirgin Food & Travel episode.

We were lucky enough to have the extremely knowledgeable Stephanie Holmes on the podcast for this episode on New Zealand. A British-born, now Auckland local, Stephanie is the travel editor of The New Zealand Herald and presenter of the podcast Trip Notes, so is perfectly placed to talk us through the can’t-misses of Aotearoa.

Pic: Miles Holden Of course, we only got to scratch the surface of this incredibly diverse country, but we did get to hear about some pretty special places from Stephanie, including the hottest restaurant in Auckland, (where you’ll have to book months in advance) a secret bar, can’t-miss art exhibitions, where to ski and the best walking tracks, luxury stays, wellness retreats and wineries, as well as where to see the country’s iconic kiwi.

Pic: Chris McLennan

We hope you find this chat with Stephanie as inspiring as we did. You can follow Stephanie at @holmesstephanie on instagram, listen to her on her podcast Trip Notes or follow the New Zealand Herald insta account at @nzhtravel

Pic Miles Holden

Just some of the sights and experiences Stephanie talks about include:

Wellness retreats: Aro Ha and Camp Glenorchy

Food & drink: Hiakai,, Ada, Daisy's

Links to some of Stephanie's New Zealand Herald stories


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