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Episode 56: From Corporate London to the Wilds of Tasmania - Alice Laing, Salt Maker

It was a visit to her husband's native Tasmania that inspired an unexpected change of career and country for Alice Laing. In 2013, she exchanged London for the east coast of Tasmania, swapping corporate sponsorship for salt making.

Today, her 'office' has an enviable view of the sea and the pretty inlets around the Freycinet Peninsula. It's in this pristine part of Tasmania that this self-taught salt maker harnesses nature to produce some of the world's best salt, from what may well be the purest water on the planet.

In this episode of ExtraVirgin, we chat to Alice about the steep earning curve in becoming a salt maker; the importance of salt in history, their unique, environmentally friendly production process and hear a gruesome story about the last salt producer in Tasmania.


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