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Episode 45: A Taste of Luxury - Australian Truffles

In this episode of ExtraVirgin Food and Travel, we talk with Gavin Booth, of Australian Truffle Traders, whose truffles grace plates at Heston Blumenthal's Fat Duck, Gordon Ramsey's restaurants, London's lauded 2 Michelin-starred Greenhouse and more.

Gavin's truffle farm, or 'trufferie' is in Manjimup, a small Western Australian town, four hours' drive from the nearest airport. The region has become the epicentre of truffle production in Australia, exporting up to 90 per cent of its precious harvest of tuber melanosporum to Europe, the US, the UK, Japan and more.

We discuss growing and finding truffles, the close working relationship between truffle hunter and dog, how to store them and most importantly how to cook them (hint - one suggestion involves gooey hot Camembert!).

Raconteur Gavin also tells us some delightful truffle-related yarns and we talk about how this 'black gold' has brought a gourmet festival that features on every foodies wish list to the 'tall timber' country town of Manjimup.

And the good news is that truffles are not just for the top restaurants. You can buy your own, with 24 hours from dig to door, here

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