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Episode 4: How to Win at the Frequent Flyer Rewards Game

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How does a former English language teacher from Wollongong end up as global nomad, working remotely from some of the most exotic destinations in  the world?


A travel enthusiast from way back, Matt Moffitt started a modest blog to answer the questions that family and friends asked him most often, and through it, discovered he loved writing about travel almost as much as he enjoyed doing it.

As a frequent flyer who relished the challenge of getting the best return for his points, Matt became a contributor to,  a website that demystifies the world’s frequent flyer programs and gives readers tips and tricks on how to best earn and use frequent flyer points.

Today, he’s managing editor of the site, and spends about half the year in Austin, Texas and the other half on a plane (the pointy end of course!)

In this episode of ExtraVirgin, we get the lowdown from Matt on how to best work your frequent flyer points to travel more often and in a style you’ll quickly become used to.

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