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Covid-19 Travel Restrictions - Which Countries are Open to Travellers?

That, it turns out is somewhat complicated. Because it's not just about where you're going but where you're from.

Australians, for example are now on the 'welcome' list of many countries who have, or are in the process of opening their borders, however there are travel restrictions in place that mean Australians currently can't leave the country. Which makes the invitation one Aussies will have to take a raincheck on for now.

Like some kind of horrible winners-are losers leaderboard, the US has the highest number of infections according to the World Health Organisation (as of July 11), followed by, Brazil, India and Russia. Yet, suprisingly, many Carribean islands are starting to welcome back Americans - albeit with caveats, including the presentation of proof of a Covid test perfomed within 7 days previous to arrival.

It's understandable given many of the islands are totally dependent on tourism, but It's a risky move, with many have inadequate health sytems, sketchy transport and economies already battered by natural disasters such as cyclones. And of course with many insurers refusing to insure against the virus, and airlines declining to repatriate anyone with a fever, the onus could end up being on the destination to take care of the medical costs of tourists who catch the virus.

Britain has Europe's highest coronavirus death toll at almost 45,000, however, they and European neighbours feel confident enough to have created a 'travel corridor' between the UK and some other European countries. The European Union has also okayed another dozen or so, so-called "third" countries, including New Zealand, Australia and Canada who they deem safe enough to be allowed in.

Brazil, Chile and Argentina are pretty much closed to all, while India, having recently overtaken Russia as the world's third worst hit country after the US and Brazil may be forced to put on hold its plans to create a "travel bubble" with France, Germany, the US and Canada.

While the situation is in such a state of flux, it's always worth checking out the most recent advice from your own country before planning any travel.

Personally, I'm not sure why anyone would think right now was an appropriate time to holiday and as much as I miss travel, I won't be getting on an international flight for the time being.

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