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Catching up with our Covid subjects. New York resident, Anna Karnowski

In April we did a podcast featuring five subjects from around the world and what life in the Covid crisis was like where they're from. In this blog series we catch up with them to find out what has changed (and what hasn't) Next up, we talk to a Anna Karnowski, who usually works in the tourism industry in the heart of Manhattan.

“I’ve moved from New York to Boise, Idaho and am staying at my mom’s house.

US cases continue to rise and several states are rolling back on some of the opening phases. More and more places are requiring face masks which seems to have become a political issue.

NY and CA were among the first states to experience this crisis. All the other states had time to prepare and learn from our mistakes. However too many states didn’t take it seriously and we have a President holding INDOOR rallies without anyone wearing face masks. He is setting a poor example and we have a long way to go before we can get back to normal life. Our president hasn’t been taking it seriously and continues to downplay the severity of the situation.

I tested negative for antibodies. I have had immediate family members get it, but thankfully they battled it at home.

Regarding the future, I have days where I am very optimistic and days where I’m more pessimistic. As someone who’s livelihood is based on tourism and return to normalcy I’m hopeful that we can start living semi normal lives again. However realistically I’m not sure life will be the same until there is some sort of vaccine

I think long term I have really done a lot of personal growth and reflecting on how I was living my life. It has forced me to slow down and live in the moment. I appreciate all the lessons learned. I do think there are psychological effects that will be long lasting on many people. We most certainly will be studying this for a long time.

Additionally I am actually loving working remotely as it has given me extended time in my hometown with family and friends vs 1 quick week vacation of rushed catchups. I’m thankful for having a tourism job that has allowed me to work remotely stay employed during this difficult time.”

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