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BONUS EPISODE - How to publicise your hospitality venue, with PR guru Brooke Burns

Hospitality has notoriously low profit margins, so it can be hard to justify spending money (and time) promoting your business. But in this ultra-competitive age, it's simply a necessity to stay in the public eye in order to keep your doors open and your books in the black.

In this special bonus episode of ExtraVirgin Food & Travel Podcast, with Brooke Burns, owner of Savannah PR and one of Australia's most experienced hospitality PR professionals, we look at the options of DIY and low-cost solutions to publicising your hospitality business.

Brooke has kindly shared her extensive knowledge, and she and Natascha discuss the following:

* Branding

* Websites

* How to do your own social media

* Are phone photos good enough?

* Approaching the media - print and online

* What makes a solid story

* Should you consider paying for content?

* Is influencer marketing worth the investment? How much does it cost, and how do you choose the right one?

* How to deal with negative reviews

* What paid PR can and can't do for your business and how to measure success and more.

Brooke also has her own PR podcast The PR Pod which, while it's aimed at PR Professionals, has plenty more useful tips you can apply to your business.

This is a particularly practical and value-packed podcast, especially for hospitality venues, whether you're a cafe owner, restaurateur, bar or caterer.

LISTEN HERE or download ExtraVirgin on Apple, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts.

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