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Are These The Worst Recipes Ever Conceived?

I've collated these from women's magazines, and "womens' pages" of newspaper from an age when non-Anglo food was exotic and frankly, not even the most experienced home economics expert on staff had any idea what to do with the produce. (I came across one recipe that advised cooking spaghetti for 26 minutes!!) Other I found on the internet and a via a couple of recipes books produced by agricultural boards who obviously had a *lot* of produce to shift.

I think sometimes, of "Ruby Borrowdale," who was tasked with the unenviable task by Golden Circle of making us eat more pineapple, racking her brains, trying to fill just a couple more pages with pineapple recipes, getting a little desperate. How else do you explain "Hayman Scramble" - Scrambled eggs with pineapple, prawns and tomato? Or "Sunlit Salad" - with lemon jelly, pineapple and carrot, "served with rolled ham and salad vegetables?"

Anyway, here are some largely ill-conceived recipes. Have you ever tried/made any of them?

"Sunlit Salad

Bananas, ham, Hollandaise!

Sweet lime jelly, the tang of onion and ,of course, how could any kind of salad possibly be complete without cottage cheese?

I know times were tough, but this is probably the saddest soup I've ever tasted it (because yes, when I read this recipe, I *can* taste it!)

Are the apples simply a vessel or are you meant to eat them? Before, after or with the prawns?

Back then when no-one travelled, I suppose people just might believe that copha was an essential ingredient in REAL ITALIAN PIZZA.

Mmmm, curry and bananas - for that exotic tropical taste.

But why?


"The good chicken taste in a glamorous new setting."

Hard to find the ideal bend-but-not-break point of the frankfurters when constructing this, I imagine. But so worth it!

One for the paleoists?

Liver sausage pineapple

An early-Heston experiment?

Would you like maple syrup on that?

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