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Episode 53- Purposeful Meat With 'A Lady Butcher'

Listen here:

While vegetarian and vegan lifestyle choices are becoming more popular, many people are choosing to still eat meat, but to be more selective about it.

In this episode of ExtraVirgin Food and Travel Podcast, we talk to Hannah Miller, the "Lady Butcher" about her ethos of 'purposeful' meat eating, how her job has taken her from the Antarctic to Australia, why she's moved to New Zealand, and, most intriguing of all, why her farmer's pigs have their own beach.

Kicking off her career as a chef, after training at the prestigious Culinary Institute of America in New York, it was meeting famous nose-to-tail advocate, chef Fergus Henderson of London's St John and author of The Whole Beast that was to change her focus and ultimately see her moving to a new country thousands of kilometres from her Portland, Oregon home.

Hannah's story is about finding her passion, discovering a place where the niche for it was unfilled and helping inspire others to make better choices when they buy and eat meat.


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