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Hi there,


I'm Natascha Mirosch.


Food and travel are my passions.

If they are yours too, you'll find plenty to sate both your hunger and wanderlust at  ExtraVirgin Food & Travel podcast.

I a am a freelance journalist with a hunger for great food experiences and off-piste travel. 


 sarted ExtraVirgin Food and Travel because we love to tell the stories of the people we meet on our travels. We also wanted to celebrate the joyous synchronicity between gastronomy and travel.

We love to hear from listeners, whether you want to share a story you'd like to see us cover or just to tell us how much you like ExtraVirgin.

We don't make a cent from this podcast - we do it purely for love, so please show us yours by leaving a review on Apple. Or, if you're feeling generous, you can help support us with a small donation via our "buy us a coffee" button on the home page.

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